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Founded in Brazil in 2018, Rio 3D studios is a game development studio and mobile solutions. our products are designed to provide immersive experiences both on the entertainment side and on the learning and training side. Our mission is to share knowledge and promote the growth of all our users.

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We have unity network solutions for various types of applications and platforms!

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Basic WIFI Local Multiplayer

Basic WiFi Local Multiplayer uses the low latency of the sockets in UDP, which are responsible for the communication of the applications running in devices and different operating systems.

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WebGL Multiplayer kit

Use this package to develop HTML5 multiplayer online games! This Project is powerful WebGL mmo template created special for multiplayer online games in html5.

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Web Request Pro

Basic Web Request Pro is an asset created to perform HTTP requests (GET and POST) to a web server(PHP or NODEJS). Web Request Pro is an UnityWebRequest API-based implementation.

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Android app development


Web systems development(frond-end/back-end)


Development of games and assets in unity engine

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Sebastião Lúcio

Lead Developer & 3D Artist